As a self proclaimed granola lover, I was extremely excited to try Paleo People All Natural Granola! Trying to give up grains to follow the Paleo diet has not been easy for me has been ridiculously hard for me, but this snack makes it a little bit easier! All four flavors are delicious, crunchy and jam packed with all natural nuts, seeds, fruit and spices. For all you Weight Watchers, check out the nutrition facts below, each serving of Paleo People All Natural Granola is 4P+, which is definitely comparable to most trail mixes I've had (that were half as good as this stuff!).

Are you looking for a healthy, all natural snack that’s wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, naturally sweetened, and even grain–free? I found one. It’s an all natural granola made from clusters of nuts, seeds, berries, other fruits, and honey, and without oats, fillers, or other grains and it meets the other criteria above.

Paleo People Granola is lightly sweetened (I like that). It comes in four flavors: Apple Crisp, Banana Nut, Cacao Nut, and Cappuccino Crunch. It comes in 1 ounce grab and go snack size packages, resealable 5-ounce stand up pouches, and 15 pound bulk bags.

I'm really excited to be sharing with you today’s post! Laura from Paleo People recently contacted me about doing a post about Paleo People snacks and the funny thing is I had actually recently purchased a variety pack of my own and loved her product. I was more than willing to share with all of you and was even more excited when Laura and I discussed a giveaway! Yes, we all love a giveaway. Let me tell you a little about Paleo People and Laura. Paleo People launched in March 2010 and are currently in 70+ stores in the US and also is available in Canada and Australia! Laura was a previous CrossFit Affiliate, where members are advocates of food choices based on a Paleo Diet (as you’ve heard about the blog for awhile now). After being frustrated with the lack of products on the market that fit into her Paleo lifestyle she created Paleo People.

Let’s talk about Granola shall we? I was one of those people who thought it was ok.. as long as it was mixed with fruit and yogurt.. and I could barely taste it..

Well I got my hands on some granola from Paleo People, and let me tell you.. it’s absolutely amazing. Hands down the best granola I’ve ever had in my life. It’s filling and crunchy but not overly so and has a great ratio of nuts to fruit and the flavors never over power each other. 
My favorite thing is that it mixes nuts, seeds, berries, fruits, and uses natural sweeteners {honey + Fruit} which means I can totally feel like a cave girl.. but erm.. not have to make it..We all know how I hate dishes and messes and this comes in a box, all packaged up.. in a bag thats resealable. Finally.. Something not messy!

Following the rules of the “Paleo Diet”—simple food that could be found in cave-dwelling days—Paleo People has developed a chewy, crunchy, slightly sweet granola snack in a range of flavors. The granola clusters comprise assorted nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans and more), seeds (sunflower, pumpkin), flax and fruit or spices. With no fillers like oats or grain, it’s wheat- and gluten-free and a truly satisfying snack. Flavors include Banana Nut, Apple Crisp, Cacao Nut and Cappuccino Crunch.
by on August 25, 2011

This is an exciting moment for me. The good folks over at have given me an opportunity to try their all natural Paleo friendly granola. The last time I checked, my little blog is nothing more than a crumb on the plate of the paleo/fitness/fantastically sarcastic blogoshpere…. but I must be doing SOMETHING right! So here goes my first "official" leap into the world of reviews. It’s been a ton of fun and especially tasty… YUM!

I love snacking. I definitely consider myself a bit of grazer. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m hungry or because I really like food…probably the latter. Either way, since I’m such a snacker, I would prefer my snacks be somewhat on the healthy side. If I’m going to snack, I try to stick to fruits or vegetables, but sometimes, I’m hungry now. Peeling a banana or chopping a cucumber just takes way too much time (joking…sort of).

In the past, this is why I bought snack bars. They are convenient, delicious, and relatively healthy (obviously depending on the snack bar). I still like to eat Lara bars and others that have recognizable ingredients, but within the past two weeks, I haven’t been buying too many. Since (sort of) starting the Paleo diet (I haven’t really made a commitment, just started experimenting with it) I haven’t bought any snack bars. I guess I sort of forgot about them? Instead, I’ve been focusing on whole foods like produce and nuts.

Couple issues month-long Facebook challenge to go Paleo
Barry Carpenter The 33 News
August 16, 2011

What is old is new again--what our hunting and gathering forefathers used to eat is now back in style.

Lee and Isis Hargrave started eating the prescribed nuts, fruits, veggies and lean mean about a year ago.

You are what you eat and they didn't like what they saw on modern day food packaging.

"You start looking at your food, you start reading the twenty or so ingredients in a box of cereal you can't pronounce the names," Lee said. "We just wanted to give it a challenge."

And this month they issued a Facebook challenge called the '30 Day Paleo Challenge.'

It started with five people and now halfway through the challenge nearly 100 people have joined.
Finding healthy snacks that are grain/gluten free and tasty can be a challenge for any mom. If you are gluten free or have a family member that is gluten free and you have been searching for a nutritious snack than these "granola like" snacks are for you. After my youngest daughter was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance our family decided to go mostly gluten and grain free. This change can be very difficult for a family with four children with various palates. Many snacks and gluten free products on the market today are full of fillers, sugars, and ingredients you can not pronounce.

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As a former co-owner of a CrossFit Gym, Laura Keenan, founder of Paleo People, was inspired to create a granola that would cater to her gym clientele, who follow the rules of the “Paleo Diet”—a way of eating that emphasizes simple foods such as vegetables, fruits and proteins that could be found in cave-dwelling days.

“I noticed that there were no Paleo products in any stores and only a couple of Paleo snack companies online,” Keenan recalls. “I have a degree in professional cooking, so basically, I was brought back to my cooking roots. I jumped on this idea of joining the Paleo snack business and being the trailblazer by getting the products into stores and create a large online presence.”

Channeling her culinary background, she developed a variety of delicious granola clusters comprising assorted nuts, seeds, flax and fruit or spices, with no fillers like oats or grain, making them wheat- and gluten-free. By the launch in March 2010, Keenan had created a product line that has mass appeal as a healthful, delicious all-natural granola. —Denise Shoukas